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Learn more about our selected successful projects for customers, such as Mercedes-Benz, Alpine, Elektrobit, Preh, and the NDS Association.

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Our customer NDS Association is a consortium of leading automotive companies developing the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) for storing map data. NDS map data are stored in SQLite databases on embedded systems. The customer needs to maintain SQLite core library and its NDS extensions, such as JDBC driver, support for Unicode, data compression and encryption.

We have developed extensive test framework verifying that NDS SQLite works on all supported platforms. We integrate new version of SQLite core, NDS extensions, and regularly deliver NDS SQLite releases to the customer.

2012-2024Created with Fabric.js 1.7.221 engineer

NDS RDS & Zserio Tools


Our customer NDS Association is a consortium of leading automotive companies developing the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) for storing map data. The customer needs to develop tools generating read/write APIs and documentation from the NDS DataScript data model.

We enhanced the NDS RDS tool for generation of read/write Java, C++ APIs and NDS documentation in HTML format. As the RDS tool became obsolete, and its maintenance was quite challenging, the customer decided to rewrite it from scratch to allow easier implementation of new features and the maintenance.

As RDS replacement, we develop Zserio, which is a new modern framework for efficient serialization of structured data with low overhead. It supports generation of Java, C++, and Python APIs, NDS documentation in HTML format, and XML format for data debugging. Zserio is an open-source project available at GitHub.

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2013-2024Created with Fabric.js 1.7.222 engineers

ReqView Requirements Management Tool

SaaS Product

We develop ReqView — a requirements management tool for HW, SW products and Systems. It helps customers from automotive, aerospace & defense, medical devices and other regulated industries to build successful mission-critical products complying with latest industry standards.

ReqView is a modern desktop application running on Windows, Linux and Mac. It integrates with Git and SVN version control systems, Jira Cloud project planning service and Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools supporting data exchange via ReqIF format.

We support our customers and offer them custom services to import their data and customize the tool for their specific needs.

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DevOps for Car Headunit System

Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

Our customer used Jenkins for building and continuous integration of car head unit SW. The main challenge of this system was high number of Git repositories, their dependencies and slow builds. Customer needed to fix the build system and optimize performance of builds.

We helped the customer to manage the build infrastructure with about a dozen of build machines. We set up performance monitoring and dashboards of the building infrastructure using Ansible and Grafana frameworks.

We identified performance bottlenecks and overloaded servers, which allowed the customer to smooth out the build process.

2022-2023Created with Fabric.js 1.7.221 engineer

NDS OpenDrive Converter


Our customer NDS Association is a consortium of leading automotive companies developing the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) for storing map data. The customer needed to develop tools for conversion of map data describing road lanes between the ASAM OpenDRIVE and the NDS formats to support simulation of ADAS and autonomous driving use cases.

We developed the NDS OpenDRIVE Converter tool from scratch. It provided a simple CLI and GUI allowing users to customize the conversion parameters. The main challenge was to find precise mapping between features, which were described in both standards differently. For instance, conversion of road lanes at complex intersections to preserve uninterrupted topology for autonomous driving use cases, map lane attributes, such as time or vehicle dependent prohibitions, detection of roundabouts, conversion of sign-face localization landmarks, roadside barriers, guardrail poles, etc.

We validated the map data created by the Converter using various 3rd party tools, including the Virtual Test Drive (VTD) by Vires / Hexagon. The Converter has been successfully used for production projects by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Stellantis.

2017-2023Created with Fabric.js 1.7.221-2 engineers

Bug Reports Similarity

Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

For information system for quality development tracking we developed semantic similarity comparison, classification and grouping of automatic test reports based on that time state of the art language model BERT.

2019-2020Created with Fabric.js 1.7.222 engineers

Hand Sensing Application (R&D)

Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

We developed hand tracking, gesture recognition and driver monitoring solution for a specific embedded HW.

Our task was to turn the idea into algorithms working in a real outdoor environment. Then implement all on the target device including interfacing with other HW and SW components and provide a system with low-latency realtime performance.

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2018-2018Created with Fabric.js 1.7.225 engineers

Interactive Projection at ArsElectronica Linz

Archifon III was audiovisual and architectural installation by Tomáš Dvořák (Floex) and Dan Gregor (Initi) at ARS ELECTRONICA Linz, Austria. It turned windows and walls of the Mariendom in Linz into a virtual musical instrument, which can be played with laser pointers activating acoustic and optical elements mounted at various stops on the façade.

We implemented SW part of the interactive visual installation and improved laser tracking for outdoor conditions.

The impression of this project for visitors was outstanding. Suddenly, the church’s stone walls seem to come alive, to react like a resonating body.

2014-2014Created with Fabric.js 1.7.221 engineer

NDS Performance Evaluation


Our customer NDS Association is a consortium of leading automotive companies developing the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) for storing map data. The customer needed to evaluate performance of navigation SW modules using NDS data on a reference embedded system to make informed decisions about extending NDS.

We developed the complete solution for performance evaluation consisting of the Execution Framework running NDS performance tests on the reference Android target system and Performance Analyzer application for offline evaluation of performance logs from the target on a PC.

The Execution Framework consisted of the Data Access Layer (DAL) using NDS C++ API to read or write data in SQLite databases, Performance Tools providing precise time measuring, and logging functionality, and implementation of performance tests.

The Performance Analyzer was a desktop application with a simple to use UI created in the Qt framework allowing users to easily identify performance hot-spots from performance logs gathered on the target system using several performance views.

We also evaluated performance of implemented POI search, destination entry, Full Text Search (FTS), routing, traffic information, and incremental update use cases. We documented the results and presented them to the customer at NDS work-group meetings.

2011-2014Created with Fabric.js 1.7.221-5 engineers

Map Navigation Module for BMW


Our customer Alpine is a tier 1 supplier of car infotainment systems. They needed to enhance the map rendering engine, which we developed for their previous project, to fit requirements of another OEM customer.

We adjusted the map rendering engine for new customer requirements and implemented new features, such as visual guidance views for head-up and other specialized car displays.

Our full responsibility was to manage requirements, architecture, design, implementation, and communication with the customer.

Our SW solution has been successfully used in few millions of BMW cars since then.

C++OpenGL ESGPU ProgrammingWinCE 5.0 for Automotive
2007-2010Created with Fabric.js 1.7.224-8 engineers

Infotaiment System Tools


Our customer Alpine, a tier 1 supplier of car infotainment systems, needed to develop a new logging and diagnostics framework for their products.

We designed and implemented system libraries, logging and diagnostic SW used by other subsystems of the head unit. Our solution was highly robust of allowed reliable information logging during high loads of the head unit.

We implemented also several tools which helped to speed up fixing performance and stability issues of the whole system, e.g., callstack reporting on exceptions, threads deadlock detector, system load and memory usage logging in time, etc.

And finally, we designed a log replay mechanism allowing easier reproduction of critical problems.

C++C#WinCE 5.0 for Automotive
2007-2010Created with Fabric.js 1.7.222-5 engineers

Map Navigation Module for Mercedes


Our customer Alpine is a tier 1 supplier of car infotainment systems. They needed to develop a new high-performance navigation map rendering engine optimized for new features, such as a map bird-view or smooth animations during zoom.

We developed the map rendering SW module from scratch to take full power of the OpenGL ES technology and graphics acceleration by the GPU available on the target system. Our solution could be easily customized for different visual styles and guaranteed high performance during advanced animations using perspective transformations.

Our team was fully responsible for managing requirements, defining architecture, design, and implementation of the SW module, as well as communication with other customer development teams.

Several generic solutions developed by our team (command processing, shared memory management, synchronization, lock-free broadcaster, etc.) were reused in the whole navigation system.

Our SW solution has been successfully used in few millions of Mercedes cars since then.

C++OpenGL ESGPU ProgrammingWinCE 5.0 for Automotive
2005-2007Created with Fabric.js 1.7.225-7 engineers